Friday, October 13, 2017

September fun and pregnancy details

Hello all!

Not a ton going on, but I thought it was time to update everyone. 

At the beginning of September Sonnie, Shae, and Alex drove out from Indiana to drop off Shae in Provo for her next semester of school. It was the 2nd time seeing Sonnie in a short period of time and was so much fun! We went out to eat almost every night and ate soooo much good food! We also had an extremely fun time just chatting and laughing all together. I love when they get to visit! 

September started out warm and then suddenly turned into fall. Honestly, it was different weather from one day to the next. One morning we woke up and it was cool, crisp, and very windy. Autumn blew in and has been here since. I'm not surprised when its in the 30's or 40's in the morning, although the afternoon often gets into the 60's and 70's. But fall is definitely in the air. It has been so much fun wearing cozy warm fall clothing. And I am finally getting around to finger knitting myself a scarf (a few years back I did a few for some family members, and now its my turn). 

Jessica, Kristen, and I got to go to the lantern festival together. It is this awesome event where there's live music, food trucks, campfires and s'mores, and everyone gets to light and send off a paper lantern (Tangled style). When we arrived it was a stormy evening and we were sure we were about to get rained on. The storm took another direction and we stayed dry the whole evening. When it finally got dark enough we were given the go ahead to light our lanterns. It's not as easy as it sounds. The part the catches fire was did not catch easily. I stood with mine over fire for a good two minutes (at least) while a random stranger helped me get it to light on fire. Once you finally light it on fire you have to hold it near the ground while the lantern fills with warm air. Mine did so quickly, but not everyone was so lucky. When it finally fills with warm air it starts "tugging" to get away and you can simply let go as it floats into the night sky. However, many lanterns did not want to leave earth. They attempted to ascend and then quickly returned to earth, becoming a rolling fire ball (okay, I may be exaggerating a little...). It was a comical sight though. If you are able to look past that into the sky you are granted a gorgeous view. Just as beautiful as the Tangled scene, lanterns crowd the night sky as they float away. I tried to capture the moment with pictures, but they just don't do justice. It was such a fun evening with my sisters!

I also got to go on a hike with McKay, Chandler, and Shae one Saturday. We decided to go to Big Cottonwood Canyon and on our way up to the trail head saw two moose run across the road! We pulled over and got out to get a better look, but they had already made it down the hill and across a small river. Still a neat sight to see! Our hike was beautiful! At the half way point we reached a small lake and got to see a mama and baby moose enjoying lunch. We decided to eat our own lunch as we watched them. The mama saw us and didn't seem alarmed, so we picked a bunch of rocks that were a safe distance from the moose and unpacked our lunch. We were still pretty darn close to them and it was just amazing watching them! What beautiful animals! 

A quick side story: we had Chinese food one evening in the past month. I opened my fortune cookie and was given this fortune. Pretty hilarious!

Alright, I know I kinda dropped a bomb on everyone in my last post and didn't even give any details. So here it goes. 
Yes, I am pregnant. We found out in June and are completely overjoyed! I had ended up taking a round of Clomid (the drug that forces my body to ovulate). Often times the first cycle is not successful, but we just happened to get lucky. We are extremely grateful and ecstatic for this pregnancy, but we do feel a little bittersweet. The reason for the bittersweet feeling is we have now become an announcement that was so difficult for us before. We have found so many of our friends struggle with infertility too. So many of them have comforted, supported, and lifted me up in hard times. My wish is that, because we also struggled with infertility for over three years, our success might give hope to those that are still struggling. We still pray for all of the couples we know that are struggling and think of you often. <3
The pregnancy has been  surprisingly easy. I was blessed with good genes (like my sisters) and haven't had to deal with a lot of morning sickness. Just a little nausea here and there. Some aches and pains, but nothing terrible. I try to not take this for granted and express my thanks to Heavenly Father often! I probably started showing a little baby bump around 12-13 weeks and would definitely say that I've popped now (just about 20 weeks). I started feeling the baby moving after 17 weeks and boy is that a happy thing! 
We got to go in for our anatomy scan this past week and it was soo fun to see a baby (that actually, finally, looks like a human baby!) inside my belly! Because we waited so long for this baby we wanted to celebrate and asked if Jessica would do a gender reveal for us. So during the ultrasound, both McKay and I looked away as the technician checked the gender of the baby. Jessica had already planned everything so we didn't have to wait too much longer to find out the gender. The next day we had family gather together (Sonnie and Alex, and Carli were in town again!) and had a little party. When it was time for the reveal Jessica brought out a canvas with the words "For this child we have prayed" she had painted on! She gave us two squirt bottles with paint inside and on the count of three we attempted to squirt the paint all over the canvas (blue paint for a boy, pink paint for a girl). Well, the paint would not come out of the bottles! We looked at Jessica, confused. She said it wasn't planned, but man was it funny! We quickly unscrewed the cap and started gobbing the paint on the canvas. It was white paint...? More confusion as we tried to spread it around and figure the riddle out. Turns out it is glow in the dark paint. We rushed inside to a dark room where the paint glowed.........PINK! We are having a baby girl! We are extremely excited to bring a daughter into our family and cannot wait to meet her in March 2018! 

Our baby girl!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer Fun!

Alright, alright. So I say that I'll post more often and I don't...but once a month isn't terrible. I'll make no promises this time, but you will be hearing from me, even if it is just once a month. 

Since my last post we have been so busy visiting family and friends! We went to Thai food with Parker and spent the evening chatting about how life throws curve balls, but is still so good. Tanner and Carli visited with their cute kiddos and McKay got worn out playing tag with the boys. I got to spend our birthday with Larissa when she and Josh brought their boys up for two weeks. I got to see my second mom, Sonnie, when she came to town for a few days after a reunion with her siblings. We had so much fun driving up American Fork Canyon, playing with puppies, eating good food, and just chatting. I planned a last minute get together with Vicky when she passed through Utah on her way to an Ed Sheeran concert. I had a quick roommate reunion at Mariah's wedding reception with her, Emma, and Brittani. And I ran into Bobbie at the Provo rec center and got to meet her adorable little girl. I'm sure I've missed some, we've seen so many people! It has been busy, but so so enjoyable! We love seeing family and friends that we haven't seen in a while. We wish we could see them all more often. 

We've also moved in the past month. Our lease with our apartment was up and we aren't quite ready to sign another year-long lease. McKay is still working with ResNexus, but is definitely working on sending out his resume. Since a new job might move us to a new location we needed a temporary home (cue Carrie Underwood ;) ). So we are living with my parents for a month or two while we figure that out. The move was surprisingly easy and low stress. Mom and Jessica came one day and helped pack the bulk of the living room and kitchen. I spent the next week or so packing a few boxes every day. We had plenty people come to help us load our moving truck to move everything to our storage unit and then we took everything else to our new home/bedroom. Thank you everyone for making it go so smoothly! We are enjoying out temporary home.

Here's a quick run down of things I've thought about but won't take up a whole paragraph by themselves. McKay and I want to plan a trip to hike Timpanogos (hike up, camp, see sunrise, hike down). We're not quite in amazing shape, so we're preparing. I'm most likely going on a overseas trip with Jessica this fall. Not quite sure where or when just yet, but advice and suggestions are welcome (especially how to do it cheap). I really want to come visit Rexburg/Idaho Falls this fall too. Idaho friends, when works for you guys? Since we moved I had to leave my crossfit gym. I miss it so much! But Mom and I have been going to the gym together and getting in a pretty good workout. And, I think thats about it...

Oh yah, McKay and I learned a song together. He plays it on ukulele (ook-oo-le-le Parker) and I sing. It's a cute lullaby originally sang by Brandi Carlile. The video is posted below. Don't judge the imperfectness, we just threw it together.

Yes, it's true. :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Catch up

Gosh, I thought I was back. For some reason I have just had a hard time finding time to sit down and write, and hard time finding things to write about. But here is a little catch up about the goings on in the Warnick family.

I'm continuing Crossfit and love it despite having trouble finding motivation to go sometimes. I attend the 7 AM class and sometimes I just don't want to get out of bed. I usually make myself go and always enjoy when I go. Its just the getting myself there part that is hard.

We love our pups. They have always brought us entertainment and joy. We got them to help us cope with infertility and man do they keep us happy and on our toes. They are best buds! Scout is a little spunky dog that knows what she likes and will always be a fighter. Swede is the sweetest, most snuggly, chill dog who isn't afraid to bite Scout's ankles and yet takes Scout pushing her around. They always have us laughing.

McKay brought me a happy bouquet of yellow and white daisies and the first wild sunflower of the season. I wasn't having a very good day and I had asked him to pick up a few things at the store. He came home with all the items I had requested and the additional beautiful bouquet. The thoughtfulness of the bouquet was exactly what I needed. McKay love me and knows me so well. I think daisies are some of the happiest flowers, with the exception of sunflowers. I love the wild sunflowers that pop up all over Utah in the summer. I'm waiting a few more weeks until I can make a full bouquet out of the sunny blooms.

I'm trying out some natural skin care. A little while ago a friend posted on Facebook about an app she uses to find clean bathroom products (makeup, soap, shampoo, face wash, etc). The app is called Think Dirty. I've been trying to slowly replace products I use with products that have more natural ingredients. So I found a facial toner and a moisturizing serum that I have started using. So far my face is still getting use to the products. I usually only use water to rinse my face and my face does pretty well aside from being a little dry. With these new products my face is definitely not dry, but I'm having a few breakouts. Hopefully my skin adjusts and I can continue using the products. Ok, enough about that haha.

McKay has been asked to go back to working 50 hour weeks. Unfortunately this might be one of the last straws for him. McKay has been working really hard and the higher ups in the company refuse to see the progress that is being made. They keep making changes to the plans for the project which has McKay going back and re-doing parts of the project. They're project management just isn't great. And McKay and his coworkers are having to deal with it. So we may be looking for a new job soon.

While I was growing up my mom often used a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. There are so many great recipes in that book and looking at it now you can sure tell it has been well loved. McKay got me a newer version of the cookbook for Christmas two years ago. It has sat in my kitchen with the rest of my recipe books and has not really been used. What a waste! I opened it this past week and found so many great recipes! I've used it twice in the past few days and am sure I will continue finding some wonderful things in that wonderful book.

That is about all I can think about right now. I will make an effort to get back into the groove of writing weekly! Until next time :)